Hundred Watt Head
l to r - Neil, Dusty and Jamie

Jamie Herndon trackin guitar in
Neil's home studio

Jamie Herndon putting guitar licks on
Hundred Watt Head track

Neil on the Island of Corfu, Greece

Neil and Peter Anders

Neil's Artwork

Peter Anders at a jukebox listening to
one of the many songs he wrote

Kim Fowley and Artie Ripp backstage at
Lita Ford gig at Whiskey A-Go-Go

Neil's award-winning sculpture, Campbell's 'Art of Soup' contest

Neil's Artwork

Heavy Cruiser
l to r - James Newton Howard, Coffi Hall, Rick Gaxiola, Neil

Heather Merryweather
l to r - Jimmy Livingston, David Colin Burt, Neil, Ed Roth, Coffi Hall

'Word of Mouth' jam sessions

'Word of Mouth' jam sessions

'Word of Mouth' jam sessions

Alan Hurtz on guitar, 'Heavy Cruiser'

Photo of Mama Lion in Penthouse Magazine

Space Rangers (original line up, l to r) - Neil, Timo Laine, Robert Silvert, Timmy McGovern

Neil Live on Stage

Space Rangers (l to r)- Neil in background, James Herndon, Mike Willis, Timmy McGovern

Space Rangers (l to r)- James Herndon, Neil, Mike Willis, Timmy McGovern

The Tripp - (l to r) Jimmy Livingston, Neil, Rik Bell, Stan Endersby

Just Us (l to r) - Jimmy Livingston, Wayne Davis, Neil, Stan Endersby, Bob Ablack, Edward Roth

Mike Willis in 'Eyes' days

Neil, 1980

Neil at photo shoot in Holland, Dureco Records publicity photo for 'Differences'.

Neil Live on Stage with Mama Lion

Merryweather and Carey

Merryweather and Carey

Neil and Lynn Carey, Live on stage with Mama Lion