Lita Ford – guitars and lead vocals
Neil Merryweather – bass, harmony and backing vocals
Dusty Watson – drums and backing vocals

Produced by Neil Merryweather
Engineers – Joel Soifer, Nancy Lee Douglass, Curtis Drake, Laura Livingston, John Hanlon, Cliff Zellman, Rick Wildstrin, Tommy Neese

Album Concept – Neil Merryweather and Lita Ford
Art Direction – Glen Christensen
Photography – Herbert Worthington III

Out For Blood
Just A Feeling
Ready, Willing and Able
Die For Me Only (Black Widow)
Rock and Roll Made Me What I Am Today
If You Can’t Live With It
On the Run
Anyway That You Want Me
I Can’t Stand It

In a nutshell …

Upon returning to LA from Europe in 1980, Neil was asked to manage Lita Ford. After meeting with Lita, Neil and Lita agreed to work together. Neil immediately obtained backing from Family Productions to support the band and took them into the studio to cut some tracks.

Lita fired Raymond Marzano, the band’s bassist, and asked Neil to play bass. Neil helped arrange material and co-wrote songs with Lita including the album’s title track “Out For Blood”.

He negotiated endorsement deals for Lita and the band with B.C. Rich Guitars, Slingerland Drums, and Risson Amps. Neil hand-made all the leather gear Lita wore on the album cover. Through his friend Russ Regan at Polygram Records, Neil brought in a seven year recording contract and a two album guarantee which was unheard of at the time.

Neil brought super manager Shep Gordon in to take over management, but Lita rejected him. A deal was later made with manager Allen Kovac.

Kim Fowley, Neil’s friend and the creator of “The Runaways”, warned Neil to watch his back, but Neil didn’t. Neil trusted and considered Lita a friend, but didn’t protect himself, and he was stabbed in the back and burned.

The Lita experience was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Neil got out of music, but he’s back, thanks to a growing cult following and the internet.

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