Neil Merryweather – vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Michael Willis – lead guitar
Clarke Garham – guitar
Dave Pearlman – steel guitar on “Long Distance Rider”
Ruben de Fuentes – lead guitar on “Hollywood Heavy”
Taff Williams – all guitars on “Just Like Jesse James”
Jim Mandel – piano, organ and chamberlain
Monty Lee Stark – synthesizers
Roy Shipston – piano on “Just Like Jesse James”
Robby Robertie – drums
Cornell McFadden – drums on “The Island”
Clive Edwards – drums on “Just Like Jesse James”
Tom Saviano – saxophone
Jimmy Calvert and Paul Nauman – percussion
Les Emerson, Peter Anders, Tim Eaton, Mark Anthony, Taff Williams, Roy Shipston, and Devereaux – background vocals

Produced by Neil Merryweather
Engineers – Mark Smith, Chris Hunter, Bill Drescher, Monty Lee Stark, Bob Ingria, Gary Parisi, Joe Cannizzaro, Bryce Pobbley

Album Design – Neil Merryweather
Photography – Tim Bishop

Hollywood Heavy
Got To Roam
Pick Up the Pieces Jack
Captain of Our Dreams
The Island
Long Distance Rider
Devils Daughter
Night of Nights
Just Like Jesse James

In a nutshell …

Neil met Mark Smith, a fellow Canadian from Toronto who had engineered the “Bachman Turner Overdrive” records.

Mark brought Neil to Joe Godfried, the manager and owner of Sound City Recording Studios, and he agreed to give studio time to Neil.

Neil wrote ten songs and brought in a crew of friends to play on the tracks including Michael Willis, his guitarist from the “Space Rangers”. The songs came from different places musically, so Neil called the collection “Differences”.

Neil went to England where the songs earned him a writer’s contract with Chrysalis Music. Through a connection with Chrysalis, Dureco Records Holland releases “Differences”.

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